Shen is known in Chinese Medicine as your inner light, or spiritual radiance.  It is the expression of your inner health.  When you are truly loving your life and living healthy & well, that radiance glows from within, shining bright for the world to see!

Here at Shining Shen, I use the wisdom of Chinese Face Reading and Chinese Medicine to uncover patterns in your life that obstruct you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I help you discover who you truly are and guide you with ancient health and beauty rituals, and nutritional practices that help you transform so your Shen can shine!

Are you interested in knowing more about your strengths or what makes you unique? Would you like to develop practices that honor your highest self? Do you want to vibrate at a higher level and transform into your healthiest, most beautiful self? Take this quiz to discover the medicine you need now.

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