Marianne has a life long connection to holistic health and beauty. She is a trained and licensed acupuncturist and health & beauty professional. Through her study and practice of Chinese Face Reading with her mentor, Lillian Bridges, she gently guides individuals towards informative insights, including personal strengths and opportunities, by looking at patterns of the individual. Marianne is a compassionate listener with an enthusiastic, kind spirit who is honored to hold the space for her client’s transformation.


Here is the value that Marianne brings to her clients:

  • transformational & intuitive Insights
  • guidance in living from compassion, kindness, & appreciation
  • support in developing a personal anthem and the practice of living it
  • connecting with the moment & the benefits of seasonal living
  • strengthening energies specific in supporting you in your year and decade of life
  • changing and moving forward from fears and obstructions

Marianne works alongside her clients providing value from a heart-centered space. In Chinese Medicine, “Shen” resides in the heart and is respected as your inner glow. Marianne’s goal is to help individuals let their Shen Shine! 

In her words, “I coach people to be more aware of what they are experiencing in their bodies as the story their soul is telling. Right now, the way I do that is by helping clients discover choices and behaviors that lead to feeling more light-hearted by guiding them to embody more openness, clarity, simplicity and gratitude.”

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