Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is Marianne and I am a wellness consultant and an acupuncturist who believes that health and beauty are one and the same.  I am also a yoga teacher who believes that you can get super intentional about your lifestyle by making healthy choices. These choices can become habitual, as rituals, and will help you age gracefully to prevent illness and dis-ease.

What I do

I offer insights in holistic health, beauty and the spa business with two approaches:

One:  “It is often stated that the life you have led is the face you have now.”  I help you see how you are special and unique by reading the patterns in your face and asking specific questions that help you tap into your own insights.

Two:  I document healthy beauty rituals from around the world.  I do this to share with you ways of healing and honoring your own beauty, inside and out.

Who it’s for

Anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves, is in to self-care and taking preventative measures, and wants to transform.

Why it’s special?

We get to talk about YOU!  This is total focus on your past, present and future.  This is an opportunity to sit in the driver seat and map out your desires and destiny!

I aim to help people achieve balance and happiness with intentional positive shifts in health and beauty from a blend of Eastern and Western practices. You will gain insights about yourself according to the Five Elements in Chinese Medicine and recommendations on seasonal living, nutrition, yoga, intuitive listening, higher consciousness practices and more.
Ultimately, my goal is to help you know yourself more so you may love yourself more!

Why should I care?

Because you are tired and bored…

…and you want to contribute something more to the world…

…or you feel stuck and need a sounding board or mirror…

…plus you could use the validation about how and why you are awesome…

…and much more!

What to do next

1.). Take the 5 Element Quiz to dive in to the medicine you need now!

2.). Sign up for Shining Shen updates.

3.). Book a 20 minute complimentary intro session with me here.  We will schedule a time to chat via Skype and together we determine if we are a fit to work together.

What is Chinese Face Reading?

Chinese Face Reading is a service that is likened to “acupuncture for your soul”. The face is a map that represents your personality and experiences in your past, present and future and so the face can reveal the stories and themes of our lives. By revealing the patterns that are represented in our features through each of our decades, Chinese Face Reading allows people to feel truly seen as to who they are and where they are going. As Marianne conducts a Face Reading, she investigates the core patterns that can keep you stuck or stop you from transforming and being your best self. Through Shining Shen, Marianne helps people to live in harmony with the seasons and their environment. She encourages deep intuitive listening of themselves and helps people really see who they are and how they can transform to be their best selves.

Will Marianne diagnosis my health issues?

Marianne looks at individuals from a holistic perspective and can provide insights about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each client; however, she recommends you check in with your medical doctor should you have a concern or need a confirmation on a health diagnosis.

How many sessions should I book with Marianne?

Most clients book an initial reading to uncover their programming and patterns that show up in the face. If you are working through a particular issue or need continued support, Marianne recommends booking transformational coaching sessions.

What is Transformational Coaching?

Marianne uses questions to uncover core issues and to help clients learn more about themselves and their experiences.

How many sessions should I book with Marianne? COMING SOON!

What will I get out of a Transformational Coaching with Marianne? COMING SOON!

You will gain insights into your patterns and uncover what is keeping you stuck. Some examples of the questions Marianne asks involve:

· How do you navigate in your daily activities, at work, in relationships or in life? How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything.

· What challenges are you facing in life? Your Challenges Are Your Greatest Gifts.

· What is the feedback you receive consistently in life? There’s No Such Thing As Failure, Only Feedback.

Wanna know more about Marianne? Here are 10 short random facts…

1.)  I have lived in a city, suburb, on an island, in the country and overseas.

2.)  I studied esthetics in Maui and was known for my hot rocks facials. I offer a service called a “spiritual facial” that caters to all of the senses that incorporates healing music and meditation at my treatment space in Indianapolis.  You can find out more here at www.faceformandfunction.com

3.). I love going to spas, cocktail bars and yoga studios in other cities and countries to gain inspiration from unique experiences and blog about them here.

4.).  I have been a poster child for Wells Fargo.

5.). I can do the running man and land into a split.

6.).  I am a proud to be a Scorpio, and am not possessive, controlling or competitive…I believe everyone wins at the game they are playing.

7.).  I believe that every culture has an insight about healthy aging that stems from ancient practices and rituals that I also share on my blog.

8.).  I ask questions to help clients discover the root of their issues and the steps they can take towards solutions.

9.).  I have studied under many teachers from all genres – yoga, Chinese Medicine, face reading, business, coaching, esthetics and more.

10.).  My life mantra is “vibrate higher”.

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