How To Take A Photo That Reflects Your Best Self

How To Take A Photo That Reflects Your Best Self

Through my travels, I’ve always been inspired to capture the beauty of the moment, and to express it artistically. Some pictures come out shaky, not so clear, and a little off from illustrating how picturesque the scene is. I’ve often looked at a photo and thought “that doesn’t look like me!” or “that’s a terrible picture!”. Often times, I know we judge and criticize ourselves harshly which makes us feel worse. This is a work in progress for me to overcome and through this post I hope to inspire you to take a photo or pose that reflects your best self if you ever experience the same feelings.


While in Italy, I had the pleasure of meeting a photographer from New York named Diane. Diane currently lives and works in Boston. In the brief moments I spent with her, she shared a few pointers that inspired me to tell stories with photos. The greatest gift she gave me was that I felt beautiful when she took my photo and even better – I felt JOY looking at the photo!

She was very confident that a beautiful photo can be taken with an iPhone. In fact, most of the photos I took were with my iPhone while in Italy. Here are a few pointers that Diane shared:

~ Zoom in and then take a step back. That way you can see the person’s face!

~ Don’t truncate at the feet. Truncate at the waist or below the hips. Diane shared that we are not amputees and I started looking at photos that seemed off kilter and recognized I had often cut off the person’s feet! Capture the whole body if you can or truncate as the photo above illustrates.


~ Women should face each other and turn their hips towards the camera.

~ Women need to pull up their bathroom muscles and squeeze their lats. This flattens the belly, lifts through the midline and relaxes the shoulders.

~ Don’t move the camera, move your legs. Diane would say “Cameras don’t have legs, YOU do, so use them!”


~ Show some teeth!

~ Flash fills in the light and space in front, especially when subjects are darkened in front of scenery. 


~ The macro option is like putting a magnifying lens on the camera to capture up close details.  Just don’t forget to take it off! 

Had to give an Eminence shot out when I saw this in Tuscany :)  This was taken with a macro setting.

Had to give an Eminence shot out when I saw this in Tuscany 🙂  This was taken with a macro setting.

Botanical Gardens in Rome.  This was taken with a macro setting.

Botanical Gardens in Rome.  This was taken with a macro setting.

Make sure there are no trees growing out of someone’s head!  Use your white space, look at the objects around the environment and what could be taking away from the story you want to tell.~ Program your camera.  When all else fails, and you don’t know the appropriate settings, let your camera figure out the settings. You can also boost special effects to create an artistic photo as well through programs like Instagram and Photoshop.


And my addition: 

~ Have fun and express your best self in the moment.  If you don’t want your photo taken, kindly let the photographer know.  Otherwise, your discomfort will reflect in the photo.  But to express your best self, like my teacher Sadie shares, meet the earth with a solid foundation, activate your core and then fully express what your inner radiance – your Shen – is feeling in the moment.  Diane also says that if you trust the photographer and let him or her guide you, the photo becomes a creation AND reflection of beauty.  Don’t try too hard, just be in the moment.  Those are the tips I collected on taking a photo of your best self that is bellisimo!

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