“It’s a kind of radiance.  People who possess true inner beauty, their eyes are a little brighter, their skin a little more dewy.  They vibrate at a different frequency.”  – Cameron Diaz


Ever wonder why one person seems to glow and radiate beauty?  It’s no secret, health and beauty are synonymous to one another.  The skin is such a unique organ because it functions to protect us as a barrier to the external environment, while working to balance what we experience internally by cooling us off when we’re hot, signaling the brain on different sensations we experience and touch,  and excreting natural oils and salts to make our skin water-resistant and to detoxify us.  It also gives us clues about what is affecting us externally through our environment and internally through imbalances in our organ systems.

So when you get a glimpse of someone’s true beauty, it’s not just skin deep – it’s inner-mind-body-spirit deep! There are things you can start doing NOW to improve the state of your skin, whether it’s preventative or corrective.  There are steps that you can take not just with products (I would love to share some amazing organic skin care products with you) , but also with acupressure, nutrition, fitness and even more…FACIALS!  No matter how much our world advances through technology, etc, nothing replaces the gift of HUMAN TOUCH.  So if you are ready to treat your skin for the ultimate experience with mouth-watering products and a crazy-good facial, hand, and arm massage, make the move now.

Skin Care Regimen

Cleanse:  Before applying any products, treatments, or makeup, you want to start with clean skin. A cleanser that’s right for your skin type will remove dirt, pollution, and impurities and leave your skin refreshed.

Tone:  Toners are intended to balance the pH of your skin and provide needed vitamins and minerals.

Treat:  Serums, concentrates, and oils are intended to treat specific skin concerns such as improving firmness or tone, fighting acne, or minimizing pores and fine lines.

Moisturize:  All skin types, even oily skin, benefit from regular use of a moisturizer. Moisturizers replace some of the moisture skin loses to the air during the day or overnight. Proper use will keep skin soft and supple.

Protect:  Sun protection is vital to keeping skin looking young and healthy. A daily sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF protection is recommended for everyone, no matter what skin color or type.

Skin types:

Dry:  Dry skin feels tight and dry and sometimes even shows visible flakes if not properly cared for. Fine lines and wrinkles are often more apparent on dry skin. Use moisturizing products regularly including day and nighttime moisturizers, and weekly moisturizing masques.

Normal or Combination:  Normal skin is not overly dry or oily, and has even tone. However, occasional oiliness on the forehead, nose, and chin or dryness around the eyes, lips, and cheeks is common for people with normal or combination skin. A comprehensive routine including cleansing and moisturizing is essential to balance skin and maintain tone.

Oily:  Oily skin is visibly shiny, with large pores, and can be prone to spots and acne. Cleansing, toning, and application of the right kinds of moisturizers are essential to prevent oil building up and controlling breakouts.

Sensitive:  Sensitive skin is easily irritated and often red. It can be genetic or caused by digestive or environmental factors. Gentle skin care products intended for use with sensitive skin are a must to avoid irritating the skin further and helping it to heal.

Decades of life:

20s:  Your skin is at its most resilient and healthiest during your 20s. Anti-aging products are unnecessary and may actually irritate the skin, but you do want to take care to wear sunscreen every day and quit smoking if you do — smoking causes premature wrinkling and loss of collagen. You may still suffer from acne.  Use a cleanser for your skin type twice a day followed by a light moisturizer, and during the day, protect your skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Treat acne as needed.  Be sure to watch the junk food, which can have detrimental effects on skin, and get plenty of sleep to help keep your youthful glow.

30s:  Youthful acne will begin to subside, but you may begin to see hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines, dark circles, or enlarged pores. You may also experience skin changes during pregnancy. The biggest skin issue most women face is skin texture, because skin cells don’t turn over as quickly.  Continue to cleanse, tone, and moisturize, and add in a gentle exfoliation to your routine. Be sure you’re also applying sunscreen to your neck and chest and getting enough sleep, which can help fight fine lines and dark circles.  Try adding antioxidants to your diet, like those found in green tea, to help fight the signs of aging.

40s:  Your lymphatic system starts to slow down in your 40s, as does sebum production and estrogen production, all of which can contribute to lost elasticity in skin, sagging, and puffiness. Your skin also retains less moisture, so fine lines and pores will become more obvious.  Continue with your cleansing and toning routine, and switch to a heavier moisturizer. If you didn’t start exfoliating in your 30s, start now, and consider adding topical serums that contain vitamins A, C, and E for their anti-aging properties.  And don’t forget the sunscreen: sun protection is as important as ever.  Relaxation exercises can be very helpful to combat stress, and staying hydrated as well as taking a B-complex supplement can help you stay hydrated from within.

50s+:  The most significant change in this decade is increased dryness and loss of elasticity due to slower cell turnover and loss of estrogen post menopause. You may notice spider veins, age spots, and more wrinkles around your eyelids.  Switch to a creamy cleanser, an alcohol-free toner, and a heavy moisturizer morning and night to combat dryness. You may also wish to switch to an abrasive exfoliator to help promote cell turnover.  Watch for signs of skin cancer and get any suspicious moles checked right away. You can fight age spots with antioxidants like vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 and selenium.  Don’t write your skin off at any age! With proper care, you can continue to have beautiful skin your entire life.

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