What Experts Are Saying About The Holistic Approach To Clear Skin

What Experts Are Saying About The Holistic Approach To Clear Skin


Conventional treatment for acne will include prescribing an antibiotic (“anti” = against, “bio” = life) to kill acne.  Accutane, which is a prescription medication often prescribed to treat acne, is a very aggressive drug that kills infection.  It is so strong that as of 2002, if you are a woman of childbearing age it is mandated by law to take a pregnancy test because the drug is known to cause birth defects, among other side effects!

What is so crazy to me is that the Western medical model will utilize a medication that is adverse to all systems of the body to treat the skin condition, but will raise an eyebrow and even debate about the connection between a healthy diet and the health of your skin!

Now, we are on the cusp of a new age.  Western physicians are recognizing the importance of integrating the Western medical model with Eastern approaches to health care.

Here are what the experts are saying about a holistic approach to clearer skin:

Do milk & sugar cause acne?  Read here about Dr. Mark Hyman’s insights on diet and skin care.

One woman’s story on how The Beauty Detox Solution cleared her acne.  Kimberly Snyder is an inspiration on how to enjoy the fruits and vegetables of the earth by cleaning your system.  Her philosophy stems from the idea that beauty comes from a clean body through clean eating.

Clear acne from your system naturally.  Dr. Mercola is world-renowned for his holistic knowledge and wisdom.  This is a comprehensive post about acne and the supplements that are vital to clear skin. 

Dr. Oz recognizes Ayurveda to treat acne, Part 1  Ayurveda is one of the oldest sciences and it even means “the science of life”. Dr. Oz hosts a guest post from a naturopathic doctor that talks about how acne reports imbalance from the perspective of this ancient Indian medicine.

Dr. Oz recognizes Ayurveda to treat acne, Part 2

Natural ways to treat and prevent acne  More sage advice from a naturopathic on natural treatment for acne.

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